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Hey there!

I’m S, and I’m passionate about creativity with advertising, an english fanatic, and also love reading and travel. Hoping that by popping by, you will gain some insight on whatever made us cross paths. Thanks for visiting and good luck!

About Me

A full time divorcee, mother, sister, granddaughter, and friend…and looking for a writing outlet to expel my thoughts to maintain my sanity and wits about me.

From the blog

Posting new mindsets every once in a while…

  • Riding the waves
    Depression can swiftly overtake you like the tide rolling in, its current pulling you out to sea. It is like drowning, like suffocating beneath the surface as the world goes on above you. The water muffles sound and slows your movements. There is only darkness below, and it threatens to swallow you whole. You feelContinue reading “Riding the waves”
  • A phoenix resurrected
    And in the midst of mayhem and chaos A tiny sliver of light shines through the crack of the door Lighting up to show a path to salvation A path so narrow that it makes you believe in miracles and faith Faith that made you hold on and persevere and fight for dear life FaithContinue reading “A phoenix resurrected”
  • Holding on…
    3 years coming up to 4 And I’m still holding on to everything that’s dead and gone And thats only because i realize I dont wanna say goodbye Now you’re gone and 6 feet never felt so far Here i am alone between the heaven and the embers It hurts so bad for a millionContinue reading “Holding on…”