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I’m S, and I’m passionate about creativity with advertising, an english fanatic, and also love reading and travel. Hoping that by popping by, you will gain some insight on whatever made us cross paths. Thanks for visiting and good luck!

About Me

A full time divorcee, mother, sister, granddaughter, and friend…and looking for a writing outlet to expel my thoughts to maintain my sanity and wits about me.

From the blog

Posting new mindsets every once in a while…

  • My fair lady
    The amount of time and effort needed to take care of our beauty and looks is mindblowing. I mean it! Manicure, pedicure, facials, exfoliation, waxing, weight control, diet, etc etc is exhausting. Hats off ladies who manage to keep at it and look glamorous 24/7. Me…I’m pooped and I didn’t do much!!!!
  • 2021 = 2020 won???
    Longest Year Everrrr!!! The amount of things that we went through this year alone, should saturate us for 10 more years running!! Corona alone was a mind-numbingly terrible ordeal. So, suffice to say, i wish you all a drama free new year, with happiness, success, wealth, and health. Happy new year 🎊
  • You got you!!
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